EdgeStar 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler (TWR325ESS) with Stainless Steel Trimmed French Doors and Digital Controls – Review

Store up to 32 bottles of your best wine under optimum conditions in this EdgeStar Dual Zone French Door Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (model: TWR325ESS). While your wine enjoys the optimal temperature and humidity conditions, you get a bottle wine cooler in one of the most stylish European finishes available with fully digital touch temperature controls. This thermoelectric wine cooler features blue LED display and French door double paned tempered glass. While the tinted glass door protects your wine from harmful outside light, rest assured that the soft blue LED interior light will showcase your wine while not harming it. The interior of the wine cooler features insulated side by side dual temperature zones with scalloped chrome racks to cradle and display your wine. As if the above features weren’t enough, this wine cooler also boasts ample room for 32 bottles (even fitting many longer and wider wine bottles that won’t fit in similar wine coolers), auto defrost, and the quiet Thermoelectric cooling system which emits no CFC’s, and does not agitate your wines by vibrating. For a stylish and vibration-free wine storage solution, you can’t miss with the EdgeStar Dual Zone (model: TWR325ESS) 32 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler.

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Features of the EdgeStar 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler (TWR325ESS) with Stainless Steel Trimmed French Doors and Digital Controls

  • 2 temperature zones, both left and right zones from 47F to 64F
  • Stainless steel French doors with tinted double paned glass doors protect wine from sunlight
  • Digital touch temperature display with adjustable thermostat
  • Quietly, efficiently maintains optimum temperature and humidity conditions
  • Dimensions: 32 1/2″h x 20 2/3″w x 20 1/4″d


Review – EdgeStar 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler (TWR325ESS) with Stainless Steel Trimmed French Doors and Digital Controls


Many people have purchased the EdgeStar 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler (TWR325ESS) and it was difficult to find anyone with complaints about this wine cooler. Complaints we did find were minor. If you plan on storing close to 32 bottles of wine, this cooler would appear to be superior to many other wine coolers on the market for the price.

“Excellent buy for the money”; “highly recommend”; “thrilled with this wine refrigerator”; “would definitely recommend this wine refrigerator”; “a good buy for the money”; “a great purchase”; “very pleased”; “highly recommend it to all”; “exceeded my expectations”; “excellent product, love it”;  and “fantastic wine fridge” were some of the many complimentary comments on this cooler.


Owners were very happy with the dual temperature zones for red wine and white wine. Most said that the temperature stays at the appropriate setting, with only one saying that it differs slightly from the set point.  A few owners mentioned that they wish the temperature could be set lower than 46 degrees for white wines but that didn’t seem to be a major concern, with one owner saying “the temperature is steady and certainly cool enough”.  Owners were also impressed with how quiet this wine cooler is, saying “no noise at all”; and “extremely quiet”.


The sleek design of this wine cooler was something that most owners remarked on. “Really classy look”; “nice appearance and easy controls”; “very attractive”; “very nice looking”; “looks more expensive than it was”; “really great looking wine cooler”; and “a very attractive and functional unit at a competitive price” were among the many comments.

Bottle Size Compatibility

Most owners were satisfied with this wine coolers’ ability to store bottles other than the standard size. Though some said that the shelves were a little close together, over all comments were “will hold 32 bottles very easily”; and “easily holds wine bottles up to 13 inches tall and larger bottles on the bottom shelving”, while another owner’s solution to the storing the larger bottles was to was “turn the shelf upside down to accommodate larger diameter bottles”.  One person said the only thing he didn’t like was un-adjustable shelves, but most owners didn’t have an issue with this.

Life Span

Only one owner out of 28 owners spoke at all about life span, saying that one side of his wine cooler had stopped cooling after 15 months.

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The only negative reports on this bottle wine cooler were from one owner who had received his cooler with one door misaligned and another who said the door on his wine cooler had been drilled wrong and had to be replaced.  Both of these issues were solvable and ultimately did not impair the functioning of the cooler.

Given the overall high rating that current owners give the EdgeStar 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler (TWR325ESS), and the value for the price, we would have no hesitation in recommending this wine cooler highly.

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