Edgestar Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator – Review

Keep your wine at optimal temperature and humidity conditions within this deluxe Edgestar Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator.  Store up to 28 bottles of your best wine in one of the most stylish wine coolers available. This thermoelectric wine cooler features a premium metallic silver finish door trim with double paned tempered glass for optimal insulation. The tinted glass door protects your wine from harmful light, and the door features a pro-style towel bar handle. With 6 scalloped chrome shelves and soft LED interior lighting, your wine is cradled and beautifully displayed. Internal dimensions: Height: 23 3/4″ Width:14″ Depth: 13 1/2″ Height between shelves: 3 1/2″.

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Features of the Edgestar Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • 28 bottle capacity
  • Vibration-free thermoelectric cooling
  • Soft interior LED lighting to proudly display your wine collection
  • Adjustable thermostat for storing different wine varieties
  • Auto defrost
  • Includes 6 slide-out chrome racks
  • Reversible door, silver tone trim
  • Solid state components for long life- the only moving parts are fans to circulate cool air within the wine cooler and dissipate heat outside the unit
  • Dimensions: 28-1/2 inches high by 18 inches wide by 20-1/2 inches deep
  • Warranty: 90 days parts and labour. One year parts

Review – Edgestar Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

The Edgestar Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator seems to be very popular and one that many people have purchased.  There was certainly no scarcity of consumer reviews to be found. Most were quite positive but a number of owners had issues with the life span of the unit. If you decide to purchase this wine cooler refirgerator, we recommend getting an extended warranty for it, if that is available, or using a credit card that offers an extended warranty for the purchase.

Comments were “great product for value & quality”; “very happy”; “perfect for my needs”; “fantastic product…highly recommend it”; “very happy with all aspects of this unit”; “excellent choice”; “would purchase again and recommend to a friend”; “fits the bill”; “great wine refrigerator”;  “so impressed with this product”; “delivers a lot of bang for the buck”; and “very happy with my purchase”.


A number of owners commented on this wine cooler’s ability to hold the proper temperature, saying that the temperature has been “right on” and “keeps the wine at the perfect temperature”. One owner noted  that “while it doesn’t have a humidity feature, nor does it have a built in thermometer or hygroscope, it performs well”.

The quiet functioning of the unit, common for thermoelectric coolers, got frequent comments.  Most owners found it “very quiet”.  Though one owner stated that it is “not as quiet as we were led to believe. It makes a constant humming sound that we have gotten used to”, another said they “hardly know its running unless sitting right beside it”.


Owners like the appearance of this wine cooler, saying “attractive, holds just enough, very stylish…works in any décor”; “looks nice in my kitchen”; “looks great”; and “attractive and small enough to fit inconspicuously in the room”.  One summed it up with “looks nice, has an internal light, holds a fair amount of wine and is inexpensive”.

A nice variation with this wine cooler refrigerator is that wooden shelves are also available for purchase,  which give this wine cooler “more of a classic look”.

Bottle Size Compatibility

A nice comment to hear, given the problem many wine coolers present for storing larger than standard bottles, was “Shelves are adjustable for maximum storage of different-sized wine bottles” .  In fact, only one person from amongst the great number who reviewed this wine cooler refrigerator said “My only objection is that you cannot store any large bottles like champagne or sparkling wines (unless you remove a shelf) and some larger 750ml bottles seem tight.” Storage of larger bottles is obviously not as difficult with this unit as it is with many others.

Life Span

Only one person had a negative review of this wine cooler and her dissatisfaction was related to the life expectancy of the cooler. She said that the 28 bottle deluxe Edgestar wine cooler they owned had died just after the one year warranty ran out. Further, the 16 bottle Edgestar wine cooler that they had purchased for her parents since they were so pleased with their own wine cooler, also died just after the one year point. That doesn’t happen with all Edgestar wine coolers of course…one owner said that he’d “bought over a year ago” and that it was “the perfect cooler for my needs”.  Still, for two Edgestar wine coolers to have both died at just over one year of use, within the same family circle, would cause one to give this brand a second thought.  A fluke?…or not?

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Though there are a vast number of satisfied owners of the Edgestar Deluxe 28 bottle wine cooler refrigerator, and the price is, as one owner said “an excellent unit for someone on a tight budget”, one has to weigh the low price with the possibility that the unit may not function for more than a year.

Satisfaction with the functionality and appearance of this wine cooler refrigerator is certainly apparent and runs high. If you decide to purchase the Edgestar Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator, we recommend getting an extended warranty for it, or using a credit card that offers an extended warranty.

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