NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Touch Screen – Review

It’s important to keep wine at the proper temperature to fully enjoy the wine’s true aroma and flavour.  Serving wine too cold will cause it to lose its flavour notes and overly warm temperatures will speed up the wine’s aging.

The NewAir AW-180E thermoelectric wine cooler has an eighteen bottle capacity.  The digital controls and touch screen on the display make this bottle wine cooler very easy to use. An internal LED light within the unit illuminates for greater visibility and showcasing of your collection. Chrome-plated racks inside the NewAir AW-180E add a touch of sophistication.

This wine cooler’s thermoelectric technology involves very little moving parts, resulting in vibration-free, silent operation that won’t disturb the aging of your wine and is better for the environment.

The NewAir AW-180E 18-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler is compact, affordable, and easy-to-operate.

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Features of the NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

  • Compact with eighteen bottle capacity
  • Has very convenient digital temperature controls
  • LED Display and Interior LED Light provides enhanced visibility
  • This wine cooler operates silently so it can be used in every environment
  • Modern chrome-plated racks
  • Measures 20 x 13.5 x 25.2 inches

Review – NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectirc Wine Cooler is a product that many people have purchased. There are a multitude of consumer reviews available for this wine cooler. Most owners gave positive reviews with no issues reported. However, there were a significant number of owners who were dissatisfied with the life span of this wine cooler.

General comments were “”I am very pleased with this unit”; “very affordable”, “love this cooler”, “For the price this is a very good wine cooler”; “works great and is quiet”; “great cooler for the money”; “runs quiet”; “great affordable solution”; “a small wine cooler that does the job”; “great wine cellar”; “still as great as when I first got it”; “great product for your money. You’ll be happy with this choice”; and “works well….until it doesn’t”.


Owners like the adjustable temperature feature. Though many found this wine cooler keeps the programmed temperature, some said that it was sensitive to household ambient temperature and that sunlight could raise the temperature 2 or 3 degrees. Another reported that “there was about a two degree flux at times after opening the door and within a few minutes the temperature is back to the programmed setting”.  One person commented on how fast the wine cooler got to the programmed temperature, saying it “got to 54 degree in 30 minutes”. One perceptive owner was able find a partial solution to the temperature fluctuation. She noted that “just a little dust on the back cover sent the internal temp upward”  and said that “when I see the temp go up to 53 or 54 I know it is time to blow out the back cover. I would say I do that once every 3 months”.


People who bought this wine cooler all had positive comments about its appearance.  “I love the perfect fit in my dining room and the ambience of the blue internal light”; “The design is very modern, sleek…looks high quality, high style”; “quite stylish”; “slick style”; “this is beautiful”; “gorgeous!!”; “attractive and stylish unit, and will look nice in any kitchen or dining room”; “looks great, small and effective. The LED light adds to the look. Very smooth and sleek”; and “most 18 bottle wine coolers are far more expensive…and don’t look this stylish”.

Bottle Size Compatibility

Unlike many other wine coolers, this unit doesn’t appear to have any problems storing different sized wine bottles. Owners say “The skinnier bottles do fit better but we have 18 of all sizes that fit just fine”; “placed 18 different size bottle of red and white wines inside it without any problem”; “no problem with the size of the wine bottles”; and “you can easily flip over a shelf and then the wide bottles fit perfectly albeit 2 to a shelf”;

Life Span

Out of close to 40 consumer reviews, 7 owners had complaints about the life span of this wine cooler. “Lasted a little over a year”; “one week after the warrantee expired (one year) this wine cooler died”; “worked fine for 9 months, then broke”; “broke after 6 months use”; “broken after about 8 months of use”; “bought this just over a year ago – woke up one morning and it wasn’t working – no cool air, no LED display, no reset button”; “got a lot of enjoyment out of this cooler. It is approximately one year later and the control panel has failed.”

One other note of caution: One owner said “there is a plastic trough on the back of the cooler that collects water and must be cleaned out. Mine overflowed and ruined the finish on the piece of furniture I had it on.”  No one else made any mention of this.

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The NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is stylish, affordable and functions well in maintaining the temperature with only a slight fluctuation due to ambient temperatures or the opening of the cooler door. Fitting different size wine bottles is not a problem. With thermoelectric technology, this bottle wine cooler works quietly. Apparently it is common for these lower cost wine coolers to last only 1-2 years and a significant number of owners complained of this.  Keeping them dusted regularly appears to limit the temperature fluctuations and helps to keep them running well, possibly for a longer time.  Since quite a number of these wine coolers do appear to break down soon after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, if not sooner, If you do choose to buy the NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler get an extended warranty or use a credit card that offers an extended warranty.

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